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Originally Posted by PatrickHoyt View Post
They could certainly relocate to Atlanta though just one more band to add to the Pathfinder list to work with here.
That would have been good for their promotion to be a ble to work with Hoyt but I know Ian is married, with his wife a nurse and he also has his Hammerstrike Recording Studio in Fort Wayne which I don't suppose would be feasable to move just like that.

They are a big draw band in Fort Wayne and Justin (main composer and guitars) was telling me how cool it would be to play a gig in Nashville at Oblivion Myth's main hang out venue before they make it down to Marietta.

Hopefully some of the bands they meet at the Fest will swap gigs with them in the future. I'd certainly like to see them with Eternal Hour. I think that would be a hell of a show. I know they are hosting the Kansas City band VANLADE with whom they shared the stage during the Kansas City Power Fest II later on this year at Fort Wayne. And I managed to book a show for Ravage and Seventh Calling at their home town with them hosting it the day before our Halloween show, the All Hallows Eve MetalFest III in Chillicothe, OH.

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