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Originally Posted by DustyP View Post

I just watched this movie last night on XboxLive. TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!
I swear, if some of the actors (i.e. Dee Wallace and Tom Noonan) weren't in it to give away the fact that it's a new movie, I would have been fooled that it was made in 1982. It's so retro and so perfect in that regard.

I should know...the late 70's and early 80's are my favorite era of horror movies and I watch them almost daily. I know how they are supposed to look and this movie has such insane attention to detail that it just blew my mind.

Definitely worth watching if you have any respect for early 80's horror.
hum... I'm not really sure if that movie came out before/after "babysitter wanted " they both look the same to me and they seem to have the same storyline
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