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Originally Posted by Ess en View Post
What do you guys think? Especially in terms of solos?
It's really rather subjective to your abilities as a guitarist and what you define as being well-played. While many guitarists think that slow solos = automatically easier, I've found that many who are arrogant for their zomgspeed don't do the slower more articulate/expressive solos justice at all. Simply being able to ''play'' the notes tabbed out does not equate to good playing. This also applies to fast solos too obviously, however most people are so focused on the speed in itself that they don't realize what they're missing out on. That is one of the major separating factors between guitarists. And so while people will say ''oh I can play this solo and this solo,'' that really doesn't mean shit

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Originally Posted by jeeznep View Post

I've watched "Chaos Ridden Years Stockholm Live" several times now and I get more angry everytime. I hate Alexi of all my heart cuz he's got all the cool stuff to himself.

Alexi got like 2 mins to do some solos, the drummis got some time aswell and the same with the kboard. But Roope gets like 10 sec then alexi comes in on the scene. WHY THE FUCK? LET ROOPE PLAY, OOOOOhh im sorry, Alexi will get to Jelous. Stupid idiot.
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