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Originally Posted by MadTinus View Post
I've seen both, but I'm not sure the 79 one is a 100% shot-by-shot remake..

Anyway, both have their qualities, Max Schreck is definitely the better and more creepy Nosferatu though. It's fun that parts of the 79 one were shot in Delft (Netherlands) and there's some Dutch actors in some small roles, I didn't know that before I watched the movie, so it was kinda funny to recognise those places and faces.
That's awsome, the scenery where Draculas castle is supposed to be is stunning.

crash and no country are pretty horrible but overall sweet haul. kudos on once upon a time in the west. absolutely amazing film.
I think Crash is a good film, not Oscar worthy, but still a good movie. I like Matt Dillons performance alot aswell.

No Country For Old Men is awsome. I can understand why people find the ending off putting but I liked it alot.
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