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Hi everyone, this thread is quite old now but I've just signed up to say Persuader are awesome and I've started tabbing some of their songs.

So far I've got Judas Immortal up on

Plain text lead and rhythm guitars ->

Plain text bass guitar tab ->

Guitar Pro v5.2 tab (Rhythm & Lead guitars + Bass + Solo) -> (soon you'll be able to hear what Persuader would sound like in an 80's video game!!! :P)

{Will update this post when I add more}

EDIT: Guitar Pro tab for 'When Eden Burns' (just the guitars)

Hopefully some of the band members can look at this and tell me if I'm correct or about 90% of the way there.

I've got yous down as playing in a standard 7 string guitar tuning but with all the strings tuned down by a 1/2 step.
Also I hear Efraim used DFH on demos - would be interesting to get the midi off you to import the drum tab into guitar pro :P

Metal regards,

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