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I honestly can't recall if I ever posted in this thread, and there are too many pages to go through to find out, so I'll just do it..

I'm Shawn...I'm 38 years old, married, one 16 year old son...I got into Katatonia when Discouraged Ones came out, hence my affinity for the clean vocal era over the death vocal era...I actually got the CD for free when I began doing reviews for what was then (not as a gift from I want to say Loana from Century Media...

Anyway, I'm a wannabe bass player...I love tinkering around with drum loops and ambient sounds...I'm also a singer and have released a handful of internationally released CD's, but the styles are more old school Metal and Rock sounds...but my favorite things to do is set up a drum loop and mess around with my bass tones and ambient sounds on my Boss BR-600 Digital 8-Track...maybe one day I'll come up with something good enough to at least give away...

My favorite bands are:

Katatonia (of course)
Chroma Key
Fates Warning
Explosions In The Sky
Dream Theater
Porcupine Tree
Red Sparowes
King's X
Journey (had to drop Journey in my list)

Plus I've been getting into a lot more in the last couple years...Muse, Jesu, Zombi, Godspeed You! Black Emporer, A Silver Mt. Zion, Woven Hand, Lustmord, Mogwai, Earth...
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