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Originally Posted by TheKid View Post
Well I've also been checking out the Blackheart Handsome Devil, looks pretty good.
Got one Channel also.
Maybe I got you wrong, but if your planning on buy on of those 'new trend' small amps with little watt but cool tubes for metal, forget it. IMO they're not bad for those cranked clean sounds and you need in blues or the sound that all those Indie band got, but for High Gain sounds you should get some Transistor amp for the same price.
tube amps are awesome but especially the Handsome Devil (which is said to have a little more head room than other 15 watt all tube amps) is a amp for nice clean sounds, but for High Gain sounds you will need some good pedal, too
if you're planning on using it with a pedal, its a good choice.
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And onto the ignore list you go.
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