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Originally Posted by BlueSky View Post
Are you serious? Man you're a trip. Most those bands are the exact definition of generic. How you made your way here is beyond me.
Well here is where I will really knock you to the floor. I first found out about TGCD from a Flaw forum (that's right, one of those generic mainstream bands who have catchy songs with big choruses and therefore, by "true metalheads" definitions of music, as they know all, cannot possibly be defined as "real music", since fine metalheads such as yourself only like whatever is not easily absorbed by most so that they can keep their precious bands to themselves).

I mean are YOU serious? To like Katatonia I have to like Rishloo, Ayreon, Opeth and all that? Katatonia will go no where when they have such close minded fans behind them who are terrified of allowing anything in the door that is not considered "brutal, underground and/or totally unmainstream and therefore awesome"). Thank God I am not in a band. If I was and my fans wanted to keep me all to themselves so that they could keep me in their precious circle of unknown bands who will go nowhere and not help get my music out there to the masses, I would just send all of my rent bills and expenses to them to pay. One thing I cannot stand about metalheads is how they consider their music to be the ultimate form of music and NONE can compare. Music is completely objective. If metal music was really as great as you all say, wouldn't far more people appreciate it? Or are we "outsiders" just nothing but brainwashed sheep who have no clue how to appreciate "true music" as high and all powerful as what you listen to? Forgive me, sire.
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