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Originally Posted by Livingfree View Post
I appreciate their versatility. If you don't like it, fine, but many do so they're doing something right. Calling an album (or a band for that matter) overrated is a wasted effort as it's no more valid than simply stating an opinion, being that some find it to be overrated while others won't.
no this isn't true. if you want to reduce everything to "opinion" then you could say there's nothing real being said anywhere in the world. you could say barack obama, salman rushdie or the dalai lama's opinions matter as much as yours or mine, when they are all vastly more intelligent and experienced in their fields than we are.

this album is not going to be looked back on in years to come as a classic, i fervently believe. the songwriting isn't all that, they lurch from riff to riff, that's not prog at all. the first song is a case in point. they move from rhythm to rhythm, the chorus crashes uglily with everything that's gone before time sig wise. great changes of time sig can happen, but these two bits feel welded on to each other. if you like your music as a selection of "bits", then ok, but that kind of patchwork "let's just stick this bit here now" style very rarely turns into really good writing. mastodon have prog influences but calling them a prog band is a real stretch. the vocal hooks aren't as strong as in previous albums. as the album goes on, it gradually falls apart into a series of sections. and the lyrics are really, truly terrible.
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