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Ain't She Perty? Awwwwwww!

Originally Posted by Morticia NL. View Post
Vanh, good luck with writing the article. I would be interested to read it once it's finished.
I got something for all of you:

Me--speechless. That's not me But it is now: The long, complicated pregnancy is over. I hope the mother is resting (it was a natural birth!) and that the father is doing his best to help. Oh, and definitely, if you're into a Son, Holy Spirit, Prophet, I hope they're pitching in to help, too. Get it? I'm so profound I just stun myself back into my usual coma

That's what throws a man off--that extra alternative. Just when he has come to realize that living consists in choosing wrongly between two alternatives, to have to choose among three. / William Faulkner: Mountain Victory.
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