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I thought that was a great interview. I like the fact that they recognize what I have known since BMD. The songs, although personal in nature, are written for live out our shit through the music.

It seems to me that every Katatonia CD comes out during some sort of major change in my life and somehow the music connects with me in a way it didnt before. My wife, who I have been with for 8 years, is in detox. I extracted her from a crack house in detroit 2 days ago. It was fucking retarded....but I feel like I momentarily saved her life. Unfortunately the marriage is now over and I have an 8 month old baby boy. I was working 2 jobs to try to save our house since my wife got fired for stealing drugs at work. I have to quit one of my jobs because I cant have a babysitter 24 hours a day which means I may lose the house if I cant find a room mate really soon to help with the bills. Im a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

So theres the first bit of personal shit I have written here in probably 2 years.
And also why Katatonia is still my favorite band and why I consider the guys in Katatonia to be partially responsible for my being alive...there were moments of detoxing from heroin listening to TD with a gun in my mouth..without the guts to do it..Im not there anymore...but the shit still happens to me..I still have tough depressive times.

Thanks to the Kats for being with me throughout the years.
I am the one turning pale:[

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