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Process : Creation of Human

I have thought long and hard about this, but why have we ended up the way we have?

As a race, we are jealous, hateful, ignorant, and sadistic.. We are unintelligent to the extreme. I'm just fornicating ideas here.

We are also made pretty shitty. Our vision gives away with age... our teeth are non replaceable, Limbs cannot regenerate.

If you look at other species, like a bird. It can see something a mile away with ease. If evolution was our reason, (Which I don't partake in it's theory) you'd think it would make us more durable as a species, hell, we only live a century at most.

You could say that we are magnificent and intelligent, but who do we have to compare to but ourselves? There are many proofs of how stupid we are, but nothing that we are aware of orknow is smarter.

My theory is that we were created. by godlike people... but not, "god" from the bible.. more of an omniscient ET species who have been splicing genes, Evolution of humans, the conception of it is too ... well, it leaves too many questions unanswered. existence is complex.
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