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(Sic)Monic - Somnambulist
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file under Different metal G.: Wait a minute, wait a minute, am I hearing this correctly? On just this one album we are confronted with melodic death metal(core), theatrical doom (Candlemass), bombastic prog (Dream Theater), free-flowing jazz, pop sensibilities, catchy groove metal, rap/hiphop vocals (Aerosmith/nu metal), brawny growls and Americana banjo’s and violins. Surely if you look up the word ‘chaotic’ in an (audio)dictionary you will find a sample of (Sic)monic’s new album ‘Somnambulist’.

In seventy-five minutes and fifteen songs all of the influences mentioned above (plus all the ones that I forgot) are there. These Americans truly go into all directions all at once. Fortunately, because each song contains just a subset of the styles mentioned, each individual track is graspable. However, when you try to place and understand them in the context of the entire record it is hard to believe that all of this is contained on the same silver disc. People who think Between The Buried And Me is incoherent will definitely not know what to do think of (Sic)monic. Whether this is brilliant or absolutely crazy, I haven’t decided yet. Their originality and innovation, however, most certainly generates a fair amount of bonus points.

Rating: 75/100 (details)

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