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Originally Posted by i aint play this View Post
I KNEW someone would say that this song is better than any song on the album just because it's a b-side. Was just a matter of time really.
Well, that is just a matter of TASTE actually. I was always willing to hear an album in the vein of Unfurl from Katatonia. Sold Heart is really in the vein of Unfurl and I really really liked it. I don't care if it's a B-side or not, that is what I expect from Katatonia and for me it really is better than any album song... Live with it.
Well, get me back, get me back on the road,
I met the devil and I sold my soul
Cos everything and everyone is old.
I cut my lungs out, I need a fix,
You're my puzzle and my pieces fit
Cos everything and everyone is old.
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