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Originally Posted by Caveman Ninja View Post
That's Willum, he's actually a regular co-host... aye, today's show was a bit on the unprepared side. But I like the anarchic nature of it... on my other show The Iron Fortress things are a little more serious and prepared, because it's on FM locally so they don't allow swearing or general shambolic behaviour!
As I said it was brilliant. almost surreal at times, I was sitting here with an extremly complexed look on my face going "Whit the hell" and it was hiliarious, that was why I thought I would get in touch because I was pissing myself laughing so much and I thought I would let you know that I was listening and of course, you just had to mention the story of the curse

I want more, no I demand more anarchix shows where nothing makes no sense, scare those blunt riddled heids and make them think "Wow thats deep man"

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