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To the BEST!

Hello everyone.

I thought to start my first thread in this forum with a one dedicated to our beloved, one and only Amon Amarth.

Gotta tell you guys that Iíve been around the metal scene long enough to see and hear quite a few bands. Not so proudly I have to say that in my teens, I was more attracted by the ďcheesyĒ side of metal; i.e. hard-rock and glam rock.
Then from my 20th birthday Iíve started opening up, so to speak. More heavy-metal, more thrash, black and death.
Favourite bands throughout this period were Queensryche, Overkill, Metallica and Sepultura. Until Iíve first heard Amon. THEN, for me, everything else just ceased to exist!

Iíve never before encountered a band that captivated me so thoroughly and so fast! Everything about them is just theÖbest. Music, off-stage attitude, on-stage presence and their awesome effort to stay true on their path! To stay true to their self-found niche of inspiration (i.e. the viking age). I am simply:

So, a huge AMEN to Amon Amarth and a huge THANKS for their music!
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