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Bad experience with NitroBattery on purchasing an SM7b.

I paid immediately, he held onto the money for 3 days while it cleared from his PayPal account to his bank account (the money was in his hands the moment it hit his PP account). One week later he sends me a PM telling me that he had some health scares after the unnecessary 3-day clearing time, and didn't get it shipped until 9 days after he received my payment.

The biggest problem with this was that I was at a completely different address for two weeks while I ordered it, but due to his shipping SNAFU, it was delivered 3 days after I had left and I wasn't able to even open the box until this last weekend (was at the address from 3/19-3/28, paid for the mic on 3/15, it was shipped on 3/24, delivered to address I was no longer at on 3/30, and I didn't see until 4/9)

While I totally understand that health scares (he claims it was a cancer scare) will throw things for a loop, but he held onto my money for an unnecessary 3 days before any kind of health issues came up in the first place, and for 9 days before actually shipping it. He couldn't control that I was changing locations, but I figured the 2 week window from the 19th to the 28th would be enough to get it delivered in time, especially considering I paid on the 15th. Apparently not!
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