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Originally Posted by LORD DARKSOUL View Post
Yeah, I really dislike most "metal" people that I meet randomly out in places. 95% of the time, I'm completely underwhelmed by their knowledge of the types of music they claim to like. You'd think these socially incompetent morons would be the exceptions to the rule, but in an age when any band is accessible with the few clicks of a mouse, the amount of people that "LIVE FOR METAL, BRO!" who have never heard Darkthrone or any Opeth albums before Blackwater Park amazes me. On top of that, they take it all way too seriously when they don't even get it in the first place... I'd rather hang out with Hurricane Chris fans who just want to get krvnk without pretensions for style.

In my old age, I've learned not to let my all-consuming hatred for everyone bother me. I just make sure that I'm sexier than everyone anywhere I go, so there's no mistaking who the Top Dawg is.
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