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I'll break it down to the key points of the artical

"may shed light" (we need more money)

"which means the tiny bird should serve as a valuable model for understanding human learning and memory."(see why we need more money)

"who was involved in the research."(has nice bank account)

"The zebra finch genome provides a tool that allows this exploration,"(actually its your money, thanks but this way sounds better)

"is only the second bird to have its genome sequenced, after the chicken in 2004."(hey it takes alot of money, but thanks again)

"Baby finches, like human infants, start off by "babbling" before the young males learn to imitate their father's song and eventually pass it on to the next generation." (arent we profound)

"finches could provide a window onto the origins of speech disorders" (we wont know untill we make more money)

"reported"(its the least we can do, thanks)

"will not be easy."(hey, this takes alot of time... and money)

"Experts previously thought there might be around 100 genes involved in zebra finch singing, however, the fact that at least 800 genes exist underlines the sheer complexity of learning." (learning is complex and this kind takes alot of money... see we are profound... BTW, thanks)

"Significantly"(a great money pit to be involved in)

"They may have two birds in the bag," (whats a few billion per bird, we're having fun)

"but scientists still want to learn more about these feathered descendants of the dinosaurs." Oh me too

Next up is the parrot genome, which researchers hope to complete by the end of this year.(we hope to maintain our financial security, send us the money)

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