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Originally Posted by Kendrick View Post
I'll admit it. I still sort of like korn. I have about 10 of their songs on my ipod and i still listen to about 3 of them on a regular basis. I really don't see why they're so big though. Sure, they brought metal to the masses in the 90s, but they should have faded away by now. I live in a small rural province too, and it isn't korn or slayer that's an issue. It's AC fucking DC. ACDC fans are everywhere and they think they're the shit. I wish their only talented member, the guitar player would just die already so they'd have nothing left.
aww man nova scotia no way! im in new brunswick, and yeah here too its like if you dont like acdc than GTFO, but thats more old guys here

theyre good, but not the best, thier drummer could stand to learn another drum beat...
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