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Originally Posted by Ananth View Post
Thanks for the empathy Broe. We discussed the possibility of "letting things run it's course" for the next two months. But I'm pretty sure I don't want to carry unnecessary baggage. Maybe I shouldn't let the phyiscal attraction component hurt our close friend dynamics. I barely noticed her when I was in school. Just after I graduated, we started talking and then hit it off really well. [/ rare females-related rant]
It's a question of whether you're gonna wish you'd hit that for a long time afterward; from what it sounds like, you wouldn't be able to easily let go, so probably best that you stayed away. Also, you're gonna be living in college dorms, so procuring alcohol is going to be incredibly difficult. Prepare for four long, dry years, my friend.

Originally Posted by Krow View Post
That... isnt what I'd call ideal, especially for the guys on this board that are still virgins.
True, but I would strongly recommend having a few before the first time. The results of attempting sex while sober, tense, and virginal can be...disappointing.

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Anybody who doesn't realize that Manowar is the ultimate pinnacle of heterosexuality has a fundamental misunderstanding of manhood, and possibly of metal as well.
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