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Originally Posted by BlueSky View Post
AC Brotherhood will be an AC game so no it will not be primarily combat obviously.
possibly the dumbmest thing you've ever written i think. its not really an AC game. it doesn't follow any of the main story, its just like AC 2.5 with the same environment and more charatars and zomg more templars, kill em all !!1 i can imagine multiplayer as a cool idea, and then again i cant, if you have modes like race or CTF, i dont see how it can be balanced well at all. everyone picks ezio for speed and climbing missions and then picks the tank character for combat. on the other hand fallout new vegas seems to have a completly new environment the same size as 3's wash DC map and the mere fact of exploring 15 story casinos has a fresh appeal that lacks when i look at ACB, plus another protectron with a cowboy hat.
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