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Seeking some advice here. My band is looking to practice at our drummer's place, and we'll need the keyboards, flute, and vocals (yes, colossally gay) to be audible over the drums as well as the guitar and bass. Clearly we need a PA setup. The problem is we have no idea what to get. We need a mixing board, 3 mics, and a set of speakers, and possibly a power amp I guess? For the mics we're probably gonna get a Sennheiser for the lead singer and then a couple of SM57s for backing vocals and flute. Other than that, we don't know. We went to a music store and the guy tried to sell us about $1500 worth of equipment, which is about three times our budget. So...recommendations? We looked at a Yamaha mixer that was about %200 that looked good, so it's really a question of getting good cheap speakers, and then if the speakers aren't powered I guess we'll need a power amp.
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