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release date Odyssey

the Odyssey album will be released 22 November 2010.
here is a short 'press statement ' about the album:

On the Odyssey album Dan makes an old dream of him come true, covering his all times favourite songs. On this album 'Reinventing The Past' Dan covers track of Rainbow (Eyes of The World), Sandra (In the Heath of The Night), Depeche Mode (Shake The Disease), Uriah Heep (Gypsy), Candlemass (At The Gallows End), M.S.G. (Lost Horizons) and U.F.O. (Cherry).

All instruments are performed by Dan Swanö and of course he did the entire production at Unisound Studio, Örebro, Sweden. Guest lead guitars by Dag Swanö (Dan's brother and also in Nightingale) and Omnium Gatherum guitarist Markus Vanhala amongst others.

Bonus to the album is the Odyssey mini CD from 1999. Odyssey back then was Dan Swanö all vocals, drums and keyboards, Rick Gustafson (ex- Memory Garden) and Kenth Philipsson (The Project Hate) both on guitar. The EP has long been out of print and is a much-sought-after collector's item. Swanö re-mastered the original tracks and according to the master himself, it sounds like it’s completely remixed. All artwork (cover and booklet) is made by Ivan S. Bragin (October Tide, The Gathering, Hearse).
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