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Heaps of Americans went to the Hartwall show. Two of them crashed in my student-apartment. It was great fun, and the pyrotechnics were finally where they should be -- IN the audience! I wasn't close enough to really see anything, but the sound quality was decent for being the back of a stadium balconey. I was a little surprised by the behavior of the fans in the back. It seemed that many people in the cheap seats were simply there to say they were there. They spent most of their time texting or making out. These must be the two biggest past-times in Finland, next to stalking Holopainen. What a shame.

Anyone else go? By the way, next time there is a show in Helsinki, and you come across an ocean to see it, I have enough space in my student apartment for up to three extra people. Four, if you don't mind the floor too much. Or I could just show you around town.
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