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I'm just glad there's another album coming!!!
Interesting that the band are curious to know what the fans want, and Godblessem for asking, but i believe a band should do what comes naturally from their own creativity. I love everything they've produced so far [if you twist my arm I have to admit MM is my fav] so I'll be buying the next album without "taking it for a test drive first".
All facets of their music are exceptional so, whilst my personal preference is for thrashy/crunchy, I'd never wanna see the classic "Don't Stop Believing", "Love Is A Lie", "Beyond My Destiny", "Checkmate In Red" type songwriting disappear from this great bands repertoire.

In short though, do what you wanna do guys! If it sucks there's plenty of people here who'll be quick to let you know!..haha..

It's Just a Ride!
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