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Originally Posted by AlixSB View Post
So let me get this straight for everyone.

Alexi went onto google
Alexi searched for Chris Cole (his daily googling of skateboarders for his videos)
Alexi found Keyshia Cole's video 'Was it worth it'
Alexi named one of his songs based on this 'subconsciously or not'

Your theory speaks for itself my friend.
Do I have to wrench the letters from railways so you'll understand. This is not the philosophy thread so let it go man, people might actually be reading this.
“Creativity has two possibilities. One is that it arises out of your silence, love, understanding, your clarity of vision, your intimate friendliness with existence. Or it may be arising out of your confused mind, it may be arising out of your insanity. Creativity out of anger and ego should be created and disposed. Created as a sense of psychological release, but disposed so that it does not cause burden onto those around you. It is like passing on an illness.” - Osho, 'Silent Creativity.'
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