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Here's the part of 69 Eyes' latest album's making of where you have the band commenting on what Matt Hyde did to their music and an interview of the guy himself:

Alexi already said the new album is more guitar riff oriented, same thing you can hear on this video right before Matt's speech, so it's a bit concerning, but I dig the guy and hope this time he did get into the keyboard world and didn't strip it down too much. I'm not saying the same stuff is gonna happen, especially as COB has been ripped off prominent keyboards since FTR, but a reference point anyway.

69 Eyes used to be a rock band like this, then they developed the atmospheric goth style with keyboards and stuff that made them great, now with this album they lost the magic. But this time their songwriting was weaker too. But I don't see how stripping down the automatic atmosphere boost of keyboards compensates for bad songwriting... I guess be good at whatever you do, and when you have nothing it's easy to make simple rock sound alright.

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