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Thanks Datis for the kind words, the diehard support and the thorough review of an amazing weekend of metal all made possible by Hoyt, Patrick and Pathfinder Promotions. My highlights were seeing the US Debut of Neverland (reminded me of MindFlow with more prog elements), an astounding performance by CIIC (Andy has to be the shreddiest shredder I have ever seen live), Merzah (for being unlike anything else I have seen before in a local band, an amazing operatic ethereal death metal band), getting to rock out on stage in front of the Crimson Glory ProgPower banner, experiencing the amazing power and comedy of Widow (really great musicians and truly nice guys too), Theocracy for their amazingly precise larger-than-life epicness (a true euro-metal act right here in GA), and of course watching Crimson Glory and Jeff Lord's incredible bass technique up close along with Todd LaTorre absolutlely killing it with his incredible range. If you missed this one, you truly missed rock history in the making in so many ways. Thanks again Hoyt!!
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