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New 'inquisition' interview online at!

"On the rack: Ramzi Essayed from Bilocate

Wretched sinner, tell us about your latest deeds of evil and spite, “Sudden Death Syndrome”!

Bilocate – Well, Sudden Death Syndrome is a combination of thoughts, ideas, experiences in life and a description of what we live each day and what we see from war, tragedy, sadness, death that you cannot imagine unless you come and live in our region for sometime.

We transformed everything into music and lyrics… the album composing started back in early 2007 and was released in July 2008 and now Kolony Records re-released the album in 2010 and they did a great job which so far we are glad it ended in their list.

Musically the album is different, it represents the genre we created when we released our first album “Dysphoria” 2005, Dark Oriental Metal was introduced and welcomed by metal fans and media but we had many questions about what exactly we mean by dark oriental metal and sudden death syndrome was the perfect answer which a mix of dark music and oriental instruments and tones. It was a huge success for Bilocate with more than 60 reviews and ratings ranged from 7.5 to 9.5 out of 10… this showed acceptance and understanding what we are about and also raised expectations about what we will introduce in the future.

You fiend! You intend to tour the world with this devilish noise, don't you?!

Bilocate – Yes we are… and we played live in 3 festivals but we all have a business career and its very hard to plan a full tour… although we had many offers to tour with international bands but timings were against our plans… hopefully next year we will play more shows in Europe.

I reckon you have many ungodly stories from your sinful tours. You might as well give us the worst story since we're preparing to fry you anyway!

Bilocate – hmmm the worst thing happened last year in Turkey when the keyboards power adapter got fucked and our keyboardist had to play the whole festival with one keyboard that he never used in his life and at the same festival the rhythm guitar effect was fucked as well (the power extension was the same so it fucked both adapters) and we had to continue playing like nothing happened, it was hard and we got stressed on stage but the guys handled it professionally and kept going.

Oh, you are indeed a wretch! If we had not caught you, what would you and your cohordes have done now? Recorded even more of your fiendish rattling?

Bilocate – We are currently finalizing our next release which will be a re-recording of our first album "Dysphoria" including 2 new / unreleased singles with some changes on the original tracks the album is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2011 and another new album is being composing currently that will be finished and ready for release early 2012, also we have plans to tour Europe next year with some selected shows that fits our work calendars.

Damnations! You are beyond redemption. Name the five musical pieces that you want to bring with you when we send you to hell!

Bilocate - This question might have a different answer for each band member so I will list my top 5 albums:

Bloodbath: Nightmares Made Flesh
Opeth: Ghost Reveries
Edge of Sanity: Crimson II
Katatonia: Brave Murder Day
Pink Floyd: The Wall"

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