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Thanks for encouraging me guys
I've got a shitty cold right now and I'm a bit overwhelmed by the work and especially by the details and small problems that can't really be planned in advance.
Originally Posted by k.h.e. View Post
wow, very nice! is mika the designer? he designed our rehearsall-room-acoustics...
regards, khe
Thanks! Yeah, Mika designed both rooms (I'll do the other room when the first one is finished). Did you recognize his style?
Originally Posted by Jind View Post
Looks great my friend. Someday I'm going to redesign my studio space - will I ever have separate control and live rooms - probably not, but I have little need for that setup, but I'd really like to treat my room and have a major overhaul of the layout.
Yeah it's a lot of work, especially if you're not a craftsman, like me I couldn't handle it without intense help from a friend and my father.
Basically the only thing I did with my hands before building the studio was fapping.. heh.
But still.. I'm so freaking stunned and excited for the final looks and of course the good acoustics.
I'd recommend to let an acoustician plan your room(s) or at least have a look at your plans, it's really not that expensive and it's worth a lot.

We did the wooden construction (..most of it, at least) of the rear-wall today:

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