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Originally Posted by stizzleomnibus View Post
Thanks for the appreciation! This forum doesn't get too terribly much traffic, and it's a fairly well known fact that eyes cross and people black out when attempting to read long passages. So, not much discussion.

If you want to read more on the album, check the stickied topic. The majority of the project is about the music itself (I assume from the gear in your sig that you are a musician), but there is a hefty portion all about the lyrics beginning about here.
I read it attentively. Sometimes it's just that I read things, and I let myself think on them. Particularly the part on Lorca, who is one of my favorite poets ever (and one of the few poets I have read more than just superficially once or twice in my life). I don't have the same chatty reflex with creative work that I do with politics or history. I prefer to soak, rather than soak others, if that makes sense!
Originally Posted by Gurgelguff
Some people have two assholes istead of ears. Letīs hope they are gay so they can do something uselful with them instead of judging music
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