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Originally Posted by mocobhc View Post
Wow, reading it took its time already, don't wanna know how much time you had to spend translating it Thank you very much, Celeb! Very interesting interview.
Sounds as if recordings and production went really well and satisfying for them, and when I read things like "I’m absolutely more satisfied than I was with Blooddrunk" I can't help but expect a whole lot from RRF
"Lately things haven’t gone so well in Germany and now along releasing the album we try to get that better." anyone has an idea what exactly he could mean with that? Their latest shows around here seemed quite alright to me...?
Sorry, the translation seems to be a bit unclear. By that he means (or I think he means) that the album selling etc hasn't been as good as it could be or something like that. So probably they are going to put some more effort to promotion etc.
Well it took some time but I guess the Image-interview took even more. Also I think translating the interview of Reaktori 3 years ago wasn't a blast either.

Also, no prob folks Probably gonna keep posting my shitty translations in the future

Edit: For those interested, I scanned the interview and posted the links to Interviews-thread in the Finnish section.
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