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Originally Posted by Ahava_Rabboh View Post
Dear Chris,

I assume that after the release of the new album Jag Panzer will be planning a tour. I don't know very much about your past, but I think that you guys never spent too much time touring here in Europe, which is a real shame . You guys are one of the best metal bands out there (for me anyway..) and I'm very sad that you don't spend a little more time on the road. If you plan to do a tour this year in Europe, come take a visit to Croatia. It would mean so much to our little metal community out here.. If not, well, we'll hopefully see each other in the (near) future.

I wish you all the best with the new album.

P.S. Happy new year!
Thanks you so much for your message, and Happy New Year!
We are very excited about the new album, and we'd very much like to tour the world! We ARE in the process of talking with various promoters and organizers, so we'll just have to see what transpires. I know many of our fans would love to have us come to their country/city, and we'd love to do this, as we love our fans very much and we're extremely grateful for their support; it really makes it all worth it! We'd really like to spend more time on the road, but the logistics/funding/promotion aspects (or lack thereof) tend to make it really difficult for us to do so. But, we will be working diligently with the record company and various promoters to see what we can plan for this year. (By the way, I'd LOVE to come to Croatia!) Thanks again for your message, and feel free to stay in touch. You can always reach me at: !

All the best,
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