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Originally Posted by MarcusD777 View Post
Lasse have you had any issues keeping the API preamps at a reasonable level on the outputs into your converters when driving them for extra color and distortion with drums?? I know these bad boys run super hot soo I'm looking for a means to tame the line level signal out out the API into the Fireface 800 running at +4 dBu... Are there any line level attenuators that don't affect the tone like some mic pads would?? The input pads of the API would seem to defeat this purpose of running them hot for color on the ouputs ...
just set your interface accordingly.
on my API I can adjust every input indiviually in 0.1 dB steps.
I think on the RME stuff you have -10, +4 and high gain switches.

the octopre sounds a bit clearer than the Control24 pres btw.
The RME pres sounded muddier/woolier than the Octopre in the last shootout I did (some time ago, files might still be here though)


(without the clips though )
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