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Blood Stain Child - Mozaiq

Blood Stain Child – Mozaiq
Dockyard 1 Records - 2007
By Adam McAuley

Blood Stain Child sound like In Flames did when they started to incorporate some mainstream elements into their sound, like on Clayman, and likewise the quality of their music started to decline. The sound combines melodic death metal with more mainstream elements like syrupy clean singing in a fashion that holds together, but doesn’t push any boundaries. The band performs the style they set out too effectively, though they certainly fall into the trap of being a melodic death metal clone band.

The music here adds electronic elements and that is commendable for attempting to offer a slight change from proven formulas. However, it still sounds too much like other melodic death metal bands for my liking and this really is a shame. The music here is catchy and easy to digest, but it’s too generic and derivative sounding. Right from the first track “Exotic-6-Cordinator” the album establishes a mindset for their sound and deviates from it very little throughout the remainder of the material. There are some small touches thrown in to make the band sound more dynamic and interesting, but the meat of the album sounds very much the same and doesn’t do anything nearly original enough.

Fans of In Flames might find something to appreciate here, but those looking for music that is different from the norm will have to look elsewhere. Similarly, listeners that find any melodic death metal thrilling might like this, but those looking for a truly compelling or inventive album would be better off skipping this altogether. Mozaiq is a merely decent release that sounds too similar to other melodic death metal and that aspect in itself brings the album down a few notches. Blood Stain Child does not do enough to distinguish itself from the pack or bring anything overly inventive to the table.

Official Blood Stain Child Band Website
Official Blood Stain Child My Space

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