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Originally Posted by Lt. Hellraiser View Post
wow you guys really are collectors.
I have all the regular Studio CD's and a poster signed by Gus. oh and my ipod is signed by him and bob..
but what you guys have is just "wow".
I mean what's the difference between the "The Premonition (CD+DVD Jewel Case)" and "The Premonition (CD+DVD Slip Case)" ??
only the slip/jewel case?
yes the only difference is the slip case,
BTW forgot to post 2 things:
live In Japan 2004 2 CDrs
Shibuya Tokyo 2007 CDR
Firewind Live @ Jaxx Springfield 2008 CDR
Firewind live @ GMM 2009 DVD
2009-05-19 - Manchester, UK CDR
Rare Tracks Vol. I CDR
Destination Thessaloniki Mylos 19-12-10 2 CDRS (still editing it while posting this)

GUS-600 LTD seetru Black cherry
GUS-600 ESP seetru black cherry
GUS Eclipse
GUS NT II white with Firewind logo (japan only release)
Blackstar HT blackfire

GUS-200 rerelease with Firewind fret inlays black cherry (pre-ordered)

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