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Originally Posted by jimwilbourne View Post
imo, the best solution here would be this:
GP5 to Program & full version of Kontakt 4 to use Sturgis samples.

I'm not sure what daw you use, but in my daw, you can load a file as the midi drums and it drops everything into a map where you can completely velocity edit, groove & quantize/humanize in very complete ways.
hell, you can even skip GP5 and program directly within the daw.

from there you can trigger multiple sample formats (SSD, Sturgis, & Superior) simply by separating each midi drum part (as if it were real multi-tracked drums to begin with) and assigning each midi out to the appropriate VI.

Kontakt 4 should basically solve your issues in programing all around while giving you other options out of the VI than the SSD Kontakt player would.
and by using the method above, you can easily use any number of midi-based sample replacement VIs on a single drum track.
+ 1

That's exactly how I'm running my programmed but figured that may be out his price range... as slate + kontakt 4 + sturgis... is a little pricey...
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