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Originally Posted by haayema View Post
As some of you might know, I'm also a Metallica collector. I use to go to 3 different forums to chat, discuss and sell/buy/trade Metallica items for my collection.

I noticed there are a few collectors around here too, but no topic where they can trade or something. So I thought it'd be nice to start one.

So... just post your wants here and the items you're selling or trading.

I'll kick of with my own want-list:

S.C.U.M. demo cassette
OSFTGH Picture disc
Vs. the World 2-LP
The Crusher cassette
Fate of Norns cassette
The Avenger promo CD
The Crusher promo CD
WOOOS single/promo

Please let me know if you have something of my wantlist, and post you wants etc. here too!!

I think it's time for a little tweak. These are the items I'm still looking for:

- The Crusher cassette
- Fate of Norns cassette (if it excists, I believe not)
- Surtur Rising promo CD
- Surtur Rising and TOTTG vinyl test pressings
- Black/white promo pics
- Other promotional or misc. items
Looking for AMON AMARTH vinyls, demos, promos, testpressings and other rare items!!
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