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I like The Mystical Beast of Rebellion and Memoria Vetusta II... but other than that I haven't been able to get into Blut Aus Nord so far. Ultima Thulee was just really inconsistent, and The Work that Transforms God only really had a few parts that grabbed me, most of it was pretty bad IMO. It might need another listen though.
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and when one finds a guy to discuss shit with that shares same hobbies and likes Bach and Paysage d'Hiver too the guy will try to fuck her because no girl ever talked to him like that and probably even rape her because he's deranged and that sucks because he's ugly. I mean, Paysage de fucking HIVER. Ice cold anti-social. Should have seen it coming, bitch.
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Haha, I'm glad that I have a negative influence on your life. Smoke Beers and worship Satan. Heavy metal vomit party drink a thousand beers.
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