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Lots to Share

Some of this has been posted here in various locations, & some hasn't.. this is copied from a post to the mailing list, so please forgive any repetitions.

Whew, there's lots of stuff to share, so let's get started!

MJR and Russell check in from the House of Blues: Wish I'd videotaped the outtakes, we were laughing so hard when they were trying to tape this that it's a wonder they got through this take without cracking up.

Video of the live streaming chat the band did at the House of Blues: This was too much fun.

Photos and video from the SF Meet & Greet:

Photos and video from the LA Meet & Greet:

Interview with MJR (done by someone many of us know, Gonzalo Pozo):

And in case you missed out on them, we recently released two singles from Iconoclast..
The End of Innocence: Dehumanized:
Also, the official fan club will be relaunching around the same time Iconoclast is released. A few years back, the membership layout was were changed and anyone who was ever a member was from that point on considered a life member, so if you were a CotM member, didn't renew your membership after the first year, and would like to continue to be a member, send me a private message with your name and membership number. This is NOT for new members, only existing ones.. be patient.

I think that's it for now.. will send more if I think of it.
RIP Bakes; thanks for the music. I miss you, my friend.
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