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Originally Posted by SkiBumMSP View Post
I know exactly what you are saying there. This is exactly the type of music that I really like as well. Complex, but yet still accessible and listenable. I just find that to be much more engaging and enjoyable to listen to.
That's cool! I do too. I also think that Dream Theater - especially in the early years, were geniuses at this too. And their music was very complex - yet, they made it very melodic and memorable.

Originally Posted by SkiBumMSP View Post
I did not get out of there until around 9. At that point, it was to late to even try to go to any of the shows. I did not get home until around 10:30 (as it is a good 80 miles from my parents place). Thus, no heavy metal for me (other than what I was listening to in the car) last night. I will admit that it was a lot of fun to get to see my nieces and nephews, though. At the same time, I still could not help but thinking about how awesome it would've been to get to go to this show or even the Mindflow show. I made a promise to Matt that I was going to be there and now feel that I broke that promise to him. This was a hard decision to make, but felt that I needed to be there for my parents. To be honest, I really don't know how much longer my mother will be around anyway, with all her ongoing health problems over the past few years. If you where in the same position, what would have done?

I hope that your show went off really good, though and that there was a decent attendance present.

Well, all I can do is keep an eye on the calendar and see what other gigs you guys come up with that I can try to go to. As I said already, I am making damn sure about July 9th.
No worries dude! I, and he rest of the guys, all completely understand. Besides, you have gone above and beyond for many shows (San Francisco, Allentown, etc...) and while we would have loved to have seen you there, you made the right decision to be with your family. The attendance was good and we had a great time! We will definitely let you know when our next show is scheduled. OK, see you in July for sure!

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