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Originally Posted by vikk View Post
and you constantly want to punch people in the face.
I live in a very calm city compared to Brazilian big cities, but I forgot to talk about the bricklayers. As I said before, I live by the seashore, so this is a city that requires constant maintenance, and there's always tons of buildings being build, and a few falling to the ground too (the dangerous and unplanned way). So this city is basically inhabited by bricklayers. So, EVERY FUCKING DAY I hear some joke while I'm going to work or going back home. At first I didn't mind, but I can't take it anymore. They don't care about nothing, most of times I dress like a guy, and still they make jokes, calling me and saying nasty things. Seriously, I wish I could carry a gun and just shot those pieces of shit. I wish I could smash their faces with my fists. But I can't carry a gun, I'm not strong enough to smash their faces, and even if I was, I go home on foot, and they're always on a bicycle. Seriously, this is another thing that makes me so pissed off.

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