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SoundZone Online Magazine - The best metalzine in Portugal since 2003

Hello dear UM psycho's,

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section, but please tell me if so. I would like to introduce SoundZone metalzine from Portugal, one of the older and most active portuguese metalzines ever, and use this spot as an update source for our contents. Everything is written in portuguese, but this is not a problem nowadays (a simple google translation will sum up the idea).

We use to have very recent material, as the IN FLAMES "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" review, discovered by a UM user last saturday. Actually, it was when I discovered UM too.

Well, no more talk. I'm really impressed with the size of this community and I hope it could be good for SoundZone to turn a bit more known out of Portugal. After all, it is good to have some recognition, at least, when you give so much blood, sweat and tears for such a long time with this zine.

In portuguese: "OBRIGADO A TODOS" (thanks to all)

See ya soon.
SoundZone Online Magazine - The best metalzine in Portugal since 2003.
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