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Cendres et Sang (=Ashes and Blood) is the new long-awaited full-length of the Greeks AENAON… The discrete and dedicated-to-the-cause path they have been walking from the very beginning has lead to this release by code666, a label known for its unconventional band roster. Such is “Cendres et Sang”, an unconventional album but instantly comprehensible by all those who appreciate evolution in Black Metal. Of course we must note that this release is not another mishmash of experimental tracks artistically “licenced” and bound to leave you utterly confused.

Yes, most DHG fans and experimental lovers will enjoy this one very much indeed, that is a fact. However, AENAON do not oversee their Black Metal roots and have “sculpted” the tracks in such a way so that there is no room left for musical vagueness while experiencing the album. For example, after reaching the peak of avant-gardism (e.g. chorus of "Grand Narcotic Harvest"), afterwards they do not hesitate to offer you an in-your-face blasting "version" of it, with no second thought whatsoever. This “recipe” has proven successful. The album is addressed to a wider, “trained” fanbase of experimentalism in Black Metal and at the same time manages to be comprehensible and straightforward, presenting a vast amount of inspiration which instantly travels you to higher planes of musical pleasure. This is really hard to accomplish and I must congratulate the band for their honest effort, ideas and technical skill. “Cendres et Sang” shouts for your attention and appreciation, as, apart from the music, it comes in a fully qualitative artistic “package”.

The guitar work is stunning, solos are enchanting, vocals are multidimensional and full of feeling, in total harmony with the music. Equally enchanting was "Psychonautic Odyssey" which brought in mind the "A Parallel Zoetrope" period (“I, Tyrant”), “Suncord”’s riffs are definitely some of the most memorable moments in the album, and of course none can ignore the simply amazing "Grand Narcotic Harvest". My personal fave has to be "Necroscope", after having listened to the album many, many times. A very special surprise is the closing track “In Heaven” (PIXIES), presented in a version of their own, reflecting haunting images of “Eraserhead” by David Lynch in your mind… This track is beyond description, you have to EXPERIENCE and not simply listen to it… It will leave you speechless after 03:30 min… There is no need to say more, I have to admit it has been a long time since I listened to an album by a Greek band that pleased me to such extent. Congratulations to AENAON and lets hope the best is yet to come! People, get this album… NOW! SD

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