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started playing hitman blood money today which i got for 2.50 on steam, i totally forgot how fucking hard this game is. i originally didn't really play it much on consoles because of the difficulty/ended up just using cheats and blowing shit away, but actually using all the cool makeshift weapons/opportunities on the map and getting everything done is really hard since the ai can be pretty smart for this old of a game (though i do get dumb luck sometimes). considering this is 2007 i can't wait for Hitman: Absolution. with the modern graphics, stealth mechanics, physics, ability to make more makeshift weapons, i can't imagine what awesome things they can pull off and i hope it comes out sooner rather than later.

edit: just read that they're not including the voice for hitman, diana or the person who has done the score for all the games? WHAT THE FUCK. square taking over is really raping the shit out of this game. it's odd because i think what they're doing with dxhr (aside from 3rd person cover, but i don't mind) is great, yet this is an awful decision. the actor for 47 (dave bateson) is what the characters apperance is modeled after, and he's done the voice for all of the games. i can't imagine a new game with a new face modeled (even if it is another bald dude) and a new voice (even if it is monotone) considering once you make a character a certain way, it's just not right to change it. i can honestly say that i will not be buying the game if he's not doing the voice and they're just going to turn it into some linear sequence action game with some assassinations and typical orchestral music while having him run all over the globe killing random dudes to find some super great revelation. fuck, there goes one of my favorite series into another typical action/shooter game with a bit of stealth.
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