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Originally Posted by Celeb View Post
Last friday K-Man came to talk with some of the girls in the front row before the gig in Qstock and said that recording the DVD in Wacken is not going to happen for some reason or another. Its not due to the band. Anyway, we'll have to wait until Wacken to be certain but this is what I heard.
I don't know why but I actually saw this coming. Too bad for those who prepared the trip. One has to admire the level of up-to-date information by this band, their sound guy talked to some girls in the front row Sometimes I wonder if they know they have a fan community.

What the fuck is going on seriously, the Hypocrisy tour got cancelled, the SKO video got banned, and now their live DVD is not fucking happening? Wacken would've been great with the gig booked midnight, outdoor venue and hundred thousand strong crowd. FUCK.
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