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"The Music Video that Changed Your Life!" - SENTENCED!

Recently submitted in an answer to "The Music Video that Changed Your Life!":

"I was 19 years old and had grown up on a steady diet of METALLICA, PANTERA and SLAYER while living in Northern, Ontario Canada before I saw this video for the first time on the Much Music's (Canada's MTV before we had MTV) one and only metal show, the 30 minute a week program called "LOUD" which aired at 11:30 on Saturday night when "derds" as we were called, would most certainly be at home watching television, as I was. I believe this to be the first time I saw a video from a Finnish metal band and the one that "changed my life". Being a Northern kid, I could identify with parts of the video such as the Finnish landscape, the woods, the frozen beach in the winter, and that cold blue of not only the sky but often seemingly of the air itself, and SENTENCED were metal, which I also thought I had figured out by then, but this band was more than what I had become familiar with and it was everything new about them to me that blew my mind. They were tall, long haired Finns, wearing all black, playing metal with piano and powerful, convincing clean singing. It was dark, classy, professional, a cleaner and more serious image of metal than the one I had known, seemingly focused on the atmosphere, the feeling the meaning, the message as the song itself rather than flashes of speed or displays of heaviness within its separate parts. It flowed. I felt it was to be taken more seriously and consumed on a deeper level that everything else I had known prior. The darkness, the cold, the class, the song writing, it was the metal that was all of what I wanted to aspire to become. Plus, he somehow sings the word "Killing" three times in the first line of each chorus. Traditional "pop" arrangement of the parts, including post-bridge piano breakdown and vocal key change chorus repetition at the end. The old man dies in his sleep... to the sum of which I thought "Fuck this Ontario town! Finland's metal is already 20 years ahead! I've been a fan ever since, bought all the records, saw them live once in Detroit, sad they broke up, fan for life, always list them in my influences, still try to write riffs and vocals like them. One of my favourite bands ever to this day, all started with the one airing of that video back in 2000. Long live SENTENCED!"
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