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Being that I'm pretty young (about to turn 21) I've only been into Riot about 6 years now. I had heard from a few friends that I'd probably really dig Riot, but a friend had a copy of "Inishmore" sitting around - and I asked if I could borrow it, and it was absolutely love at first listen. I very quickly went on a mission to explore the rest of the discography as fast as possible, and now own all but two of the studio albums. I honestly love all eras of Riot a good bit, but my favorite album is "The Privilege of Power". I just love the combination of the aggressive, speed metal-ish elements with the more experimental, progressive side of things. Absolutely innovative album, I love it. Dimeo-era classics "Inishmore" and "The Brethren of the Longhouse" also remain favorites along with "Thundersteel" and "Fire Down Under". I also thought that 06's "Army of One" was outstanding. I've been dying to see the band live, and hoping that chance may finally come my way in support of the new record.
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