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  1. Drengr
  2. West_of_Lovecraft
    Kickin it, just found this place, likin' it so far
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  3. Karamu
    Playing some of my own music
  4. Rckstar666
  5. Soulintruder
  6. HundryDogPlant
  7. ChrisBillingham
  8. haiduk
  9. SlowDeathHooks
  10. Sic semper tyrranis
  11. lucasjlc
    She comes in colors.. ♫♪
  12. Zonfar
    "Dr. Rockso: My video was banned from music television, cause you could see my junk... through my jumpsuit.
  13. palant
    Once awake bass guitarist
  14. Benjamin Robert Perlman
  15. Dethkids
    "Death is close enough at hand so we need not be afraid of Life"-F.Nietzsche-1888
  16. Dethkids
  17. haiduk
  18. Kyle A
    Kyle A
    Listening to death metal probably
  19. Kyle A
    Kyle A
    College student attempting to escape the hivemind.
  20. Eternal Tom